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a system that makes it possible for many messages or large amounts of information to be sent at the same time and very quickly between computers or other electronic devices:

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a system for using the internet that makes it possible for large amounts of information to be sent quickly between computers:
Such broadband pulses would require a suitable compressor stage to achieve a transform-limited duration.
A similar spectrum is seen on a broadband visible photodiode detector located on the outer plasma midplane.
For the chaotic evolution (figure 11) the spectrum exhibits broadband features characteristics of such motions.
The broadband structure is generated by the phase plate, which produces an angular spread of wave vectors in the original plane wave.
That model assumed an excessive freezing rate at the base, and used a broadband radiation model which exaggerated the absorption depth of sunlight.
Its relationship to noise generation, both discrete and broadband, will not be dealt with in this paper.

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It was then that the changes in broadband noise were observed, and the dramatic changes in eddy structure occurred.
The crosses were obtained from empirical tests on artificial data having a single known frequency and broadband noise.
The counselors” scores for each child were averaged to obtain individual child scores for the broadband dimensions.
Close to detection threshold there seems to be a degree of uniformity across color space, with mechanisms displaying largely broadband and linear characteristics.
The monkeys were asked to detect a grating pattern as a function of contrast over a range of added random spatiotemporal broadband noise.




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